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Handmade Knitted Tassel Scarf Classic

Designed and hand produced by Suzie Lee in her Farm Cottage Studio surrounded by colours and inspiration of what makes this 100% Lambs Wool scarf special. The tassel fringe adds a splash of extra colour a a bit of fun. Limited editions. Suzie is always knitting new colour combinations and most of them never get onto the website before there snapped up, so now you have the great oportunity to purchase something truly unqiue.

Using traditional Fair Isle pattern from Suzie's Scottish roots to create a modern cozy look. It's long enough to double up to make a cosy snood.

Size: 200cm x 27cm 

Colour: See the colour options linked to the images for your choice.

Made of: 100% Lambs Wool

To Wash: Gentle cool hand wash, dry flat.

Limited Edition- Option 2 - Knitted Fair Isle Tassel Scarf

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