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Fingerless mittens are an essential winter warmer. Keeping those who have cold hands, warm heart, nice and cosy.

Suzie has designed these mittens as a result of getting rather cold hands in the studio one winter and needed to keep knitting. They had to be pretty and practical.

Customers say, they also help them keep warm when using the computer at work.

They are designed with solving lots of issues with the cold, but we also hope you enjoy wearing something with a beautiful design and soft to the skin, and long enough to tuck them into your coat sleeve.

There are matching items such as scarves and snoods to make a lovely gift set.

Colours: Choose from the colour drop down menu.


See other listings for more colours-  including three colour mittens with different colour trims.

Made of 100% British Spun Lambs wool. Lightly felted to make them extra warm

One Size approximately 25cm long.

To Wash: Cool Hand Wash

Fair Isle Fingerless Mittens | Two colour mix

  • Fingerless Mittens 100% Lambswool
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