A little personal touch for your loved one.


Celebrate a new arrival with their name embroidered on a cushion for their room to welcome them into the world. Suzie was inspired to make this item with the arrival of her own child Harriet. 

The cushion is the perfect gift that's a little bit different. The letters are recycled knitting from Suzie's collections and are reworked into the letters so nothing is cast aside.


Suzie will make each item made by hand to order, just add the note to say what name you'd like or either a special word.


You have the choice of colour for the cushion base, either light pink, light blue or off white.

The letters will be varied, but if you have a preference i.e all pink or maybe no yellow, please let Suzie know with a note at check out or via email suzie.kay.lee@gmail.com once you've placed the order.


Made of 

100% cotton base

100% lambswool recycled knitted letters.

comes with feather cushion pad (contact if you'd like it without the cushion pad)




Embroidered Name Cushion

Cushion Base Colour